Call to action: Contact your State Legislature

If we want to subscribe to NCC Deluxe, in addition to contacting New Castle County Council, we also need some help from our State Legislature.

If you haven’t figure it out by now, there is no such thing as NCC Deluxe. It’s actually something I just made up to describe the quality-of-life we all enjoy as residents of New Castle County. If we want to continue that quality-of-life, then we need for the Delaware state government to approve the State Revenue Package proposed by New Castle County Executive Matt Meyer.

How to Contact your State Legislator

First, figure out who represents you in at the State level in Dover by going to


On the page that follows, the people listed under State Legislators are who you should email.


Email Message Template

Now that you know who you should email, you can copy-and-paste the following template into the body your email app. Feel free to personalize the template.

Dear (name of your legislator),

As your constituent and fellow Delaware resident, I encourage you to support the State Revenue Package proposed by New Castle County Executive Matt Meyer which asks for the following assistance from the state:

Restore state reimbursement rate for paramedic services back to 50%. The current lower reimbursement level is detrimental to public safety.
Pass legislation to allow New Castle County to charge a 3% tax to guests who stay in hotels within the County. The City of Wilmington is already allowed to charge a hotel tax to its guests. The county is asking for permission to do the same.
Pass legislation to place a cap on the first time homebuyer tax break. A person who buys a $2-million-home should not get a tax break. It's not fair to ask the citizens of New Castle County to help pay for a wealthy person's home.

(your name and address)